Talking Stories June 18

Stories&Storytelling continue to thrive around the world, our downloads numbering in their thousands... 
Get Your Stories Heard By a World -Wide appreciative audience -lovers of Tales Myths Legends Email them before 8th of month Keep them to about 5 mins with 30 second intro about yourself email 
We also feature Your Poetry so send them in too. You can sign up and follow the programme and get emailed notifications of when the next show is due... 
Editor Brian Miller Producer Ian Chambers Host Tony Cranston
Stories from Gary Brace USA (Old Ben} David Heathfield UK (Cabbage Farts} Jeanne-Michelle Lowe UK (Yogini and the Multi Coloured Rock Pools) & a Truly great interview with Singaporean Storyteller Roger Jenkins plus a fab story
Poetry from Sarah Westcott and Jazz Sax Supremo David Wybourne Ingrid Dover-Vidal UK Jane Terrell USA Eileen Wiltcher UK Emma Scarr UK and More with news from Pete Castle UK Seung Ah Kim South Korea and Sherin Mathews Mumbai India

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